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Inclusive Play Design Guide

Our Inclusive Play Design Guide has established universal design principals that are implemented by professionals all over the world. Our Inclusive Play Design Guide has been developed by a team of cross-cultural experts and has been through national and international peer review. It's a step-by-step guide that will educate you about how to incorporate inclusive play principles into an existing or new playground including design tips. It's widely used by professional playground designers, landscape architects and advocates as an integral part of playground planning.

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A truly inclusive playground:

  • Includes physical, sensory, and social play events
  • Provides challenges for children of all abilities
  • Has synthetic surfacing, flush transitions, and wide routes for accessibility
  • Ensures that the "Coolest Thing" is accessible to all
  • Has a wayfinding system
  • Provides shade, water fountains, and benches

Encouraging User Engagement: Levels of Challenge

Everyone needs a challenge that is at or slightly above their current ability. Multiple challenge levels are important for two main reasons:

  • People of all abilities will be engaged and want to return to try the next challenge.
  • When those activities are placed near one another on the playground, people of different abilities can get to know one another.

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Rushton Meadows Park

South Jordan and the Rushton Meadows community came to Playworld to create an inclusive play space that would connect the community. Equipment for all ages a variety of challenge levels help make this playground an inclusive hangout for the whole community.


Upper Arlington Elementary

Children come from all areas for the school’s multiple disabilities K-5th grade program. The new playground is the first inclusive school playground in the district.


Squaw Creek Campground

This playground in Marion, IA is an "A" rated inclusive playground featuring zones, levels of challenge and play for every ability.


Mallard Park

This 30 acre park offers a fully inclusive playground and beautiful views for the entire community.


Countryside Park

Formerly a golf course, this unitary surfaced playground offers accessibility and a variety of activities including Aeroglider®, NEOS®, sensory panel products.


Luther Burbank Park

The park is one of the oldest destination parks in the region, and while its 1970s concrete playground is a visual landmark, it was time to update the space to offer a safer, more relevant play experience.