Lakeshore Park

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Key Features:

Ferris & Associates, a landscape architecture firm, was tasked with pitching a playground design to the city of Toronto that was full of imagination and the spirit of adventure. Taking cues from the rich history of 18th century Fort York on the Toronto Harbour, they contacted the local Playworld representative to put together a sea-worthy play space idea.

From the original concept sketches, the Playworld team designed two custom ship play structures complete with sail post toppers, masts, and portholes. One ship is “docked” at the Fort, which features multiple roofs, slides, and faux-wood panels. These nautical-themed structures facilitate very specific role play and imagination, while a PlayForm 7 play sculpture on the other side of the playground, resembling a “sinking ship”, further encourages kids to think outside the box and find new ways to play. Additional freestanding pieces like a Spinami and Unity Canopy add more physical challenge and tie the whole space together.

Playworld and Ferris & Associates worked intimately with the city as the designs evolved over time. The finished Lakeshore Park is now a unique, adventure-filled oasis for kids and families that speaks to the community’s harbor history.