Infant and Toddler Playground Equipment

The infant and toddler age brackets are crucial stages of childhood development. Play is extremely beneficial at both these stages, and at Playworld, we take the particulars of their development into account when constructing our playground equipment. We have specific structures for both age groups, and we can also customize playgrounds to have both infant and toddler equipment.


Infant Playground Equipment

Infant playground equipment is typically designed for children ages 6-23 months. At this age, children are crawling or beginning to take a few steps, and they are developing basic cognitive and motor skills. Playworld has a FirstPlay Infant Fun Center. This activity center includes many development-appropriate features as well as textured surfaces for tactile stimulation and bright colors that delight infants. It is perfect for babies who are crawling or those who are just starting to walk.

Our infant playground equipment includes the following features:

  • Counting and color matching activities: Children can count different objects and match colors as a way to help their cognitive development.
  • Critter matching panel: Children can match cute animals together and learn about the animal kingdom.
  • Mirror: At the infancy stage, children are just developing facial recognition skills, so they will feel intrigued by the mirror and make the first steps toward recognizing themselves and others. Using a mirror is also a good way to introduce infants to recognizing emotion, as they observe the way different emotions register on people's faces with smiles, frown and more.
  • Ball track: Infants push a ball along a grooved track, which helps them develop fine motor skills.
  • Drawing panel: The drawing panel features a plastic panel set up like an easel. Infants can bring crayons to draw on the panel. This kind of activity helps children's visual development and fine motor skills.

In addition to prioritizing development features, Playworld focuses on the safety of our infant play equipment. We use only high-quality materials, and we work with experts to ensure we exceed safety standards. Everything we use is free from PVC, and we use sturdy plastics that withstand extensive use over time.

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Toddler Playground Equipment

Toddler playground equipment is designed for ages 2-5. Children are becoming more active at this age and starting to advance in their development, but they still have a long way to go! We design equipment that focuses on their needs to help their cognitive skills and physical abilities.

Some of our toddler equipment includes:

  • Fun Centers: These structures include small slides, crawl-through spaces and maze and tunnel areas. Certain units even have features such as fake clocks with movable hands. All of these features are designed to develop balance and motor skills and incorporate physical and social activity. Slides, in particular, help with developing a child's vestibular sensory system, which contributes to their sense of balance and spatial reasoning.
  • Challengers: Our Challenger units feature multiple slides, ladder and block stairs and varying shapes and colors. All the different features stimulate cognitive, visual and physical development, and encourage kids to engage with each other for social development.
  • Play Fundamentals: These units offer a variety of social and sensory activities, including slides to stimulate the sensory systems, panels that foster imagination games and transfer stations that work well for children of varying abilities.

We use durable steel and plastics to keep toddlers safe. Many units also have roof features to provide shading for kids. We will always work with you to design the exact kind of playground you want, and we can incorporate different themes and other customizations to provide what you're looking for.

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At Playworld, giving children access to play is important to us. We work with a variety of budgets and offer suggestions and partnerships to help you fund your playground project. Some of these tips and tools include:

  • Community build: Save on installation costs and get the community involved in your build! Getting everyone together for a shared cause is a great way to build camaraderie within your community. With installation costs accounting for anywhere from 25%-45% of your total budget, it is also an effective way to save money!
  • Financing: We understand that budgets can sometimes be tight. We are happy to work with a variety of organizations to provide kids with our high-quality play products. That's why we offer a phasing program, which allows you to pay as we complete stages. We also have a leasing program and can work with you to establish a payment plan that will work best for you.

We know the importance of high-quality playground equipment for infants and toddlers, as it can play an instrumental role in their development. You can contact us today to find out more about working with us. Our representatives are happy to walk you through and explain the options and processes. You can also request a quote to get started, and we can guide you with the particulars of moving forward. We look forward to helping you make your infant toddler dream playground equipment a reality!

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