Inclusive Play

Why create an inclusive playground?

Playworld understands that Inclusive Play stresses the importance of including all children, children with disabilities, as well as typically developing children and the adults in their lives. We create playspaces where diversity is valued. Inclusion enables all children of all abilities and ages to play together.

All of our playspaces are created to provide high quality play opportunities regardless of their needs and abilities.

"Children won't always be able to participate in all available activities, an inclusive playground will offer all children a real choice in play activities" Barnado, policy and research organization in UK.

It’s not just about people with’s about everyone enjoying and sharing in the holistic benefits of play: physical, sensory, and social. It's about the family of a child with a disability, the typically developing child, and the parent or grandparent with a disability taking a child to the playground. Inclusion is more than access—it’s about being a part of something. It’s about making a difference in the lives of others. Because it’s the right thing to do.