Why create an inclusive playground?

Playworld understands that Inclusive Play stresses the importance of including all children, children with disabilities, as well as typically developing children and the adults in their lives. We create playspaces where diversity is valued. Inclusion enables all children of all abilities and ages to play together.

All of our playspaces are created to provide high quality play opportunities regardless of their needs and abilities.

"Children won't always be able to participate in all available activities, an inclusive playground will offer all children a real choice in play activities" Barnado, policy and research organization in UK.


We have developed a variety of learning tools to help you through the design process.

  1. Go in-depth with our Inclusive Play Design Guide.

  2. Just want the summary? Download our Keys to Inclusion.

  3. Want to become an Playworld Inclusive Play Designer? Our 6 on-line training modules cover all aspects of inclusive design in detail, start here.

  4. Want to train a group? We have 45 minutes lunch and learn sessions on Inclusive Design. We bring the training to you and we even give you CEU credits, find them here.

  5. Want more information about our inclusive equipment? Check out our Inclusion Brochure.

  6. Interested in being a Magical Bridge playground? Learn More

  7. Have a question? Send an email to our Inclusive Play desk and we will get you an answer within 2 business days.

  8. We certified our reps in Inclusive Play, find one in your area today.

  9. Once your playground is laid out, ask for 3rd party certification letter. They are great for fundraising.

We certify our distributors.

Our distributors go through extensive training to be certified as an Inclusive Play Specialist. They can be a resource for you.