Harbour Landing

Regina, SK, CA

Key Features:

Located in Southwest Regina, Saskatchewan, Harbour Landing is a housing development that operates as a miniature town. Designed to meet the increasing demand for neighborhoods where people can live, work, and play in the same area, the community made the decision to invest bigtime in amenities: which includes 11 parks and 6 playgrounds! Why so many? For one, they enhance land use efficiency. Harbour Landing used integrated solutions to meet municipal and provincial drainage and open space requirements. But the reason for their large play investment goes beyond requirements. The developer truly realizes the value and ROI of play.

At the heart of Harbour Landing, one of those playgrounds has become a centerpiece of fun, educational play value. Featuring a dinosaur theme, this playground has faux eggs and skeletons that encourage exploration and open-ended play, as well as boulders and ropes to provide a physical challenge. The play space has helped to connect Harbour Landing to the larger surrounding community; organizations such as the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and the Saskatchewan Science Centre have collaborated to create community events in the prehistoric park for children and parents alike.

Harbour Landing is a shining example of how play value can drive property value—creating an attractive destination, a point of connection, and most importantly, a thriving community.