Stimulate Your Budget with a Grant for Playgrounds

Worries over obesity and sedentary lifestyles mean more parents and communities are interested in creating more playgrounds for children to get active. Playgrounds and play spaces are vital for children. More than a third of American children and teens were obese or overweight in 2012, and childhood obesity has more than doubled in children over the past three decades, according to the CDC. The CDC, pediatricians, the surgeon general and other experts all agree that regular physical exercise and a healthy diet can help decrease the number of children struggling with health issues caused by inactivity and obesity.

Where to Find Grants for Playground Equipment

You can find playground funding for schools, communities, churches and other groups from:

  • Government Grants — Federal, state and local governments offer grants for parks and playgrounds as well as community projects.
  • Corporate Business Grants — Many businesses offer grants for community projects, including grants for playground equipment for schools and neighborhoods. These corporate companies often want to give back, enjoy tax breaks, and garner good will and publicity. Businesses may donate money specifically for lower-income areas while other contributions are more general. Wells Fargo Corporate Giving Grants, for example, provides millions of dollars every few years for a variety of community projects.
  • Non-profit Grants — Many non-profit organizations offer grants for school playgrounds and community fitness projects.
  • Foundation Grants — Foundations offer money for general community projects and other specific uses. The Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Fund, for example, offers up to $25,000 for community projects. The money can be used to create a playground.

To increase your chances of full funding for your project, apply for grants from a variety of sources. If you're unsure of how to start, try entering "playground grants" into your internet browser and compile your own list of active and up-to-date grants that your organization qualifies for.

Beyond Playground Equipment Grants: Other Sources of Funding

Grants for playgrounds aren’t the only way you can pay for your fitness or playground project. You can also find money through other sources. In fact, it’s important to look beyond grants, since one grant or even multiple grants might not be enough to cover all your costs. To raise cash, you have a few options:

Raise Money with Crowdfunding

In many cases, community members are willing to raise money for a kid-focused project such as a safe play space. If you want to raise money for playground equipment for a park, your local community might be willing to donate. You can even set up a crowdsourcing campaign online to attract donations.

Start a fundraising event

Holding a raffle, special event, bazaar or other fundraising event raises not just money but also awareness about your new playground. Choosing the right event, getting volunteers and organizing your efforts is a big project on its own, which is why Playworld has some free tips for your fundraising adventures.

Get financing for equipment

The company that is designing, building and installing your playground may offer financing options to make your playground more affordable. You can use financing to get your project started now and then fundraise to cover the costs later. Playworld offers quick, easy ways to finance 100% of your playground.