Goethals Nature Park

Richland, Washington

When it was time to add a playground to Goethals Nature Park, the City of Richland sought out qualified play professionals—third-grade students at the nearby Lewis and Clark Elementary School.

The students shared their dreams for a neighborhood playground, which miraculously shared a common theme—natural, adventure-based elements. The City wasn’t surprised—they had to clear trees from the park and noticed the logs waiting to be removed from the site were being used as an impromptu play area. Due to safety concerns, the logs had to go, but the City was sure to include log structures in the new playground.

Playworld representative Northwest Playground Equipment, Inc., brought the dreams of the students to life. Now they enjoy a playground that blends into its natural park surroundings. Climb on log structures with rope nets, excavate a sandpit for bones, fly through the air on zip lines, and climb over and under natural-looking structures. It also features its very own creek running throughout the playground—with bridges over it and plenty of water to play in it.

Families from the tri-city area come to Goethals Nature Park for an adventure they can’t find at other playgrounds—it’s clear the strategic vision of the play professionals at Lewis and Clark Elementary School was successful.