Put the FUN back into fundraising

Fundraising is a great opportunity to earn money and get the entire community excited and engaged in your playground project. Here are the essentials to any successful fundraising effort.

Be creative

Bake sales are good, but unique events will get the community buzzing (and therefore donating). Host a dog wash-a-thon, a chili cook-off, or a murder mystery dinner. Ask local businesses to donate fun goods and services, like spa treatments or interior design consultations, for a silent auction. You can even let people honor loved ones by 'buying' a piece of your playspace. Let your imaginations soar!

Schedule a timeline

It often takes more than one event or activity to raise the necessary funds. Prepare a schedule of fundraising activities to ensure that your cash flow remains constant.

Publicize your efforts

Generating public awareness is critical to generating donations. A good public relations campaign should include the following:

  • Press releases to announce your fundraising events and project accomplishments 
  • An up-to-date list of all local media contacts (newspapers, TV, and radio) to issue your press releases and announcements
  • Invitations to your local media contacts, to all of your fundraising events
  • Promotional signs on your project site; including drawings of your future play space and a fundraising 'thermometer' or similar visual progress chart
  • Web assets, such as e-newsletters and social media posts, to keep contributors informed and engaged in a cost-effective way

Follow up

Be sure to thank your contributors for their donations by phone, email or mail. Significant donations should receive personal notes of thank you from the project leader or team.