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Playworld is proud to be a premier designer and manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment and fitness playgrounds for adults and children of all ages and abilities. Explore our outdoor fitness solutions and discover how you can promote community wellness, active lifestyles, health and fitness where you live.

What Is the Lifetrail® Outdoor Fitness Exercise Trail?

The Lifetrail® System is an outdoor exercise system with 5 (Standard) or 7 (Inclusive) stations with up to 150 exercises. The system promotes physical activity and increases the accessibility of workout equipment to your community. You can also add singular exercise stations to an existing walking trail or playground area.

Our Fitness Trail Systems & Stations

  • LifeTrail® Inclusive System - Features Stations 1-7 for users of all abilities
  • LifeTrail® Standard System - Features Stations 1-5 for able-bodied users
  • LifeTrail® Station 1 - Features 3 activity panels: Welcome Sign, Lower-Body Cycling Exercises, and PNF Exercises
  • LifeTrail® Station 2 - Features 3 activity panels: Hip Lift & Thigh Exercises, Push-Up Exercises, and Wobble Board Exercises
  • LifeTrail® Station 3 - Features 3 activity panels: Upper-Body Cycling Exercises, Squat Exercises, and Tricep Strength & Torso Stability Exercises
  • LifeTrail® Station 4 - Features 3 activity panels: Inverted Row & Core Exercises, Weighted Squat Exercises, and Shoulder Stability & Strength Exercises
  • LifeTrail® Station 5 - Features 3 activity panels: Stair Exercises, Overhead Press Exercises, and Standing Stretches & Yoga Exercises
  • LifeTrail® Station 6 (ADA) - Features 3 accessible activity panels: PNF & Leg Extension Exercises (ADA), Tricep Strength & Torso Stability Exercises (ADA), and Upper-Body Cycling Exercises (ADA)
  • LifeTrail® Station 7 (ADA) - Features the following 3 accessible activity panels: Overhead Press Exercises (ADA), Stretch Exercises (ADA), and Shoulder Stability & Strength Exercises (ADA)

Want to learn more about our Lifetrail® Systems? Download our brochure to learn more!