Playworld offers several options for financing including phasing and leasing.


Sourcewell is a National Cooperative government partner that focuses on your success by giving you a less complicated way to purchase what you need. Sourcewell vendor contracts include more than 50,000 highly recognized industry-leading brands. Contracts are bid at the manufacturer level and awarded locally, which supports the local economy.

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The World Needs Play

The World Needs Play®, now more than ever. Let us help with our funding and storage options.

Phasing Program

If you're working within a limited budget, but still need to design a playground that will accommodate a lot of children, then the Playworld Phasing Program is the perfect solution for you.

With phasing, you install one smaller segment of your playground at a time, paying for each phase as it’s built. You can have the completed playground of your dreams in as little as two phases, and the peace of mind that comes with spreading your project costs out over a period of time.

Playground Phasing: Play As You Grow

Learn more about playground phasing and see how it works by downloading this helpful guide!


Ready to Get Started?

Your local Playworld representative can help you enroll in our Phasing Program and start planning your playground today!

Leasing Program

Want to design, build, and install your complete playground now? Choose the Playworld Leasing Program and pay for it over time. Your community can start enjoying your playground right away. We'll help you match your payment plan to your cash flow and budget. You can even finance 100% of the equipment, freight, and installation costs. Plus, you’ll enjoy these added program benefits:

  • No large cash down payment required
  • No bank loans affect your line of credit
  • Short approval process

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Ready to Apply?

Your local Playworld representative can help you submit your application, along with your project proposal, for fast approval. Once the agreement is finalized, your ordering process can begin! Contact a Playworld representative today to apply.