Elementary School Playground Equipment

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Elementary School Playground Equipment 

Playworld has been building kids' dream playgrounds for over 40 years. And one thing we can say with confidence is that the world has changed — but kids have not. From preschool up to senior year, there's nothing quite as beneficial as closing the books and having fun outdoors.

That's where we come in. At Playworld, we build playground equipment for kids of all ages. We serve elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and even municipal parks and recreation centers. Our top-of-the-line playground concepts bring smiles and laughter to kids all over the country, and our products are manufactured in the U.S. with both fun and safety in mind.

Playworld is a multi-generational company that has been privately owned and operated since its beginnings. Our elementary playground equipment is designed for the physical and mental well-being of children of all ages and abilities. Every kid deserves a break. We're here to make it fun, safe and affordable.

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Why Recess?

Recess has traditionally been a staple of elementary and middle school days. The older kids get, the more this period of energetic fun shrinks.

It's a common misconception among school boards and educators that after a certain age, kids just don't need recess anymore. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Middle schoolers and high schoolers especially need breaks from sitting in their desks all day, as long periods of stillness and mental exertion take their toll on this age group physically, mentally and emotionally.

We believe that kids of all grade levels need some time during the school day to put down their pencils and get some fresh air. Different types of playground equipment for schools is an excellent solution for allowing kids to enjoy themselves in a safe location, and they're fantastic health and mood boosters for all age groups.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recess provides students with a handful of significant benefits. Recess can:

  • Give kids an opportunity for physical activity
  • Help kids focus better in the classroom
  • Help improve kids' memory and other cognitive functions
  • Reduce classroom disturbances
  • Improve kids' social skills and aid in developing relationships with peers
  • Help with kids' emotional development

For these and many more reasons, playgrounds and recess equipment are important investments for every school. Playworld offers a wide selection of outdoor recess equipment to meet the needs of any age group and school environment. Our products are highly customizable and can be built to accommodate any schoolyard's design and dimensions. We also offer plenty of site furnishings so teachers and parents can supervise their kids in comfort.

We specialize in tailoring our elementary playground equipment to the needs of specific student demographics. While elementary schoolers may enjoy colorful slides and swing sets, high schoolers may benefit more from outdoor fitness equipment that builds strength and stamina. When kids can catch a brief reprieve from the daily grind of school, their mood and performance improves, which in turn has a positive effect on the school community.

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Types of Playground Equipment for Elementary Schools 

Elementary schools are more likely to incorporate playgrounds into their campuses than any other type of school. That's why we offer our elementary school customers a virtually endless variety of recess and school fitness equipment.

Elementary school teachers know better than anyone that kiddos need to be let loose to get pent up energy out of their systems — and there's no better place for kids to use their energy than on a big playground! Our American-manufactured elementary school playground equipment gives even the littlest kids in the class a chance to engage in safe, secure fun that benefits their health in a number of ways.


Playworld offers elementary school playground equipment across three major categories: full playgrounds, playground components and freestanding equipment:

  • Elementary School Playgrounds: We offer fully-built playgrounds for elementary school campuses, available in multiple builds and sizes. Outdoor play equipment for schools offers school-aged children the ability to get a full range of physical exercise as well as mental and social health benefits.
  • Elementary School Playground Components: If you're looking to expand an existing elementary school playground, we have a full range of playground components available for purchase. Our major playground component categories include swings, bridges, climbers, sensory play panels, monkey bars, handicap accessible equipment and more.
  • Freestanding Elementary School Play Equipment: We also offer a diverse selection of freestanding playground equipment designed specifically for the needs and abilities of school-age kids. Our freestanding playground products include swings, climbers, balance beams, monkey bars, sensory play panels, tunnels, motion play equipment, roofs, flags, climbing rocks and more.


All of our elementary school playground equipment is designed with the whole child in mind. We pride ourselves on offering play areas that both improve kids' physical fitness and promote brain-boosting activity and relationship building. With Playworld equipment, school-age kids can enjoy fun physical activity and make memories — all from the safety of the schoolyard.

Middle School Playground Equipment

Middle school kids need just as much time for recess as their younger counterparts. In fact, the middle school age group tends to deal with an onslaught of new stressors once they enter this stage in their education, from increased school workload to new social pressures. As a result, pre-teens benefit immensely from active breaks during the school day.

At Playworld, we provide playground equipment designed specifically with the needs of middle schoolers in mind, and just about all our equipment is customizable to fit the size and style of your specific schoolyard.

Our middle school recess equipment is a bit different from our equipment for younger kids. Since middle schoolers are older and more fitness-oriented than elementary schoolers, we offer a wide range of commercial playground fitness sets that are both fun and invigorating.

Too young for a gym membership but too old for a traditional playground? Active middle schoolers will love the following types of products:

  • ENERGI Products for Middle Schools: ENERGI outdoor fitness systems allow kids to maintain their fitness in a fun and safe way. ENERGI fitness equipment is designed for full-body conditioning. Each piece of ENERGI equipment is built for bodyweight exercises that target every major anatomical group, so kids can get a balanced workout in the comfort of their very own schoolyard.
  • Stretch & Go Products for Middle Schools: No workout session is complete without stretching, so we offer Stretch & Go products for customers who want to build a better and healthier middle school recreation area. Our collection of Stretch & Go products allows middle schoolers to incorporate full body stretches into their recess periods in a way that's fun and convenient.
  • LifeTrail Products for Middle Schools: Our LifeTrail fitness equipment is designed to provide a full workout that is both fun and safe. LifeTrail Advanced Wellness products come in a variety of designs, from full play systems to individual units. We have products designed to accommodate kids with physical disabilities as well, so no one gets left out on the playground!

Why is playground fitness equipment an important investment for middle schools? In light of experiencing new life stressors, middle school students need time during the day to care for their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Few activities meet all three of these needs like endorphin-boosting outdoor physical activity, and Playworld is a leading provider of playground wellness equipment that helps middle schoolers develop healthy habits that carry into adulthood.

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High School Playground Equipment

If the words "high school" and "playground" don't seem to mesh, we get it. But high schoolers need daily physical activity, too. And just as importantly, they need a mental break from academic, social and extra-curricular pressures! High school students need some quality time for their physical, mental and emotional health each day, especially if they aren't involved in sports or another exercise outlet.

According to a 2018 study conducted by the Pew Research Group, nearly 70 percent of high school students expressed anxiety and depression as a major concern among their peers. With the pressures of academic performance, getting into good colleges, complicated social dynamics and more, high school students in the U.S. quite literally need a break.

Much like regular 9 to 5 workers, high school students tend to sit in classrooms all day while they mentally exert themselves. Continuing this pattern with little to no opportunity for physical activity leads to health problems, boredom and an inability to focus. Worse yet, these conditions can lead to chronic depression.

That's why Playworld supplies high schools with recreational outdoor equipment specifically designed for older students who want to focus on physical fitness. We have a wide selection of playground fitness equipment that is perfect for high school recreation areas.

  • ENERGI Products for High Schools: Our selection of ENERGI playground equipment is ideal for a high school environment. All of our ENERGI equipment is designed for safe and easy bodyweight exercises and accommodates nearly every level of physical ability. With our ENERGI fitness products, high schoolers can experience healthy respite from studying and reap the mental and emotional benefits of a full-body workout.
  • Stretch & Go Products for High Schools: Playworld also provides high-quality playground stretching equipment so high school students can engage in proper post-exercise care. Our freestanding Stretch & Go products take up little space and are essential additions to any high school recreation area. Stretch & Go products are also excellent additions to sports fields for athlete use.
  • LifeTrail Products: LifeTrail playground wellness equipment allows high schoolers of various levels of physical ability to incorporate a fun twist on circuit training into their day. Our LifeTrail products are also available in ADA-compliant versions, so students with disabilities can also participate in a substantial range of fitness activities.

High school kids benefit tremendously from regular physical activity, especially when it's incorporated into their school day. Recess provides high schoolers with physical benefits and helps improve focus and emotional stability both in and out of the classroom.

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Inclusive Play

At Playworld, we believe that every child deserves a safe place to play regardless of age or physical ability. That's why we invented Inclusive Play, a versatile playground design concept that caters to the needs of kids with disabilities and special needs. Inclusive play offers a huge selection of ADA-compliant playground components, freestanding equipment and even entire playgrounds to accommodate kids of all abilities.

Our mission is to provide all kids with the chance to embrace outdoor play and exercise right in their school environment. Happier, healthier kids help build strong communities and impact lives for years to come. Find out more about how we can help schools enrich kids' lives through Inclusive Play.


We ensure that our playground structures for schools leaves as little of an environmental footprint as possible. Playworld is a leading provider of sustainable playgrounds that are safe for both kids and the planet. With equipment from Playworld, you don't have to choose between improving kids' health and maintaining the health of the environment.

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