What is Electronic Outdoor Play Equipment?

Outdoor electronic play equipment is built to combine the interactivity of video games with the explosive movement of aerobic exercise. Its electric power comes from an external power source. From our Funky Animals & Spring Riders made especially for your little ones to our NEOS® Outdoor Electronic Playgrounds designed for players of all ages and abilities, your community will delight in this exciting new take on outdoor play.


Our NEOS outdoor electronic playgrounds are unique to the industry, blending the excitement of video games with the aerobic rush of outdoor fun.

Funky Animals & Spring Riders

A new age spin on playground classics, these fun-riding friends come alive with delightful sounds and music when little ones hop on. Each rider is also available without sound.

KPE: Kid Powered Energy

Environmentally-friendly, KPE runs entirely on the charge kids produce when they spin, push, and press the wheels and buttons.

Fun for the Whole Community

At Playworld, we believe the world needs play. We take our legacy very seriously, and that is why we constantly adapt to the needs of the community around us. Our NEOS system makes outdoor play fun for kids and adolescents of all ages and abilities—not only those who develop typically. Incorporate a NEOS structure within your existing playground, or build a brand new playground around them. Regardless, your community will delight in this exciting new take on outdoor play.

Rep Finder

Find your Playworld rep and ask them how our electronic playground equipment can enhance your community. An experienced representative is ready to answer your questions.

Inclusive designs

Inclusive play design allows all children to use a playground—including typically developing children, children with mobility concerns, children with chronic conditions or injuries, and everyone else. 

Looking for Inspiration?

Browse pictures from real playgrounds across the globe and hear how Playworld has helped transform neighborhoods with the power of play.

An Uncompromising Commitment to Quality

Playworld has been designing and constructing innovative playgrounds since 1971 and we take great pride in the legacy of play we leave in the communities we serve. That’s why we only use the highest quality materials and the finest standards of craftsmanship. Plus, because we believe our playgrounds should be safe for all people as well as safe for the Earth, we’ve nearly eliminated harmful PVCs from our products and modified our production practices to the greenest possible standards.