Deer Lakes Park

Tarentum, PA

Key Features:

Deer Lakes has been a destination park that families in the greater Pittsburgh area have flocked to for quite a while, with places to play, cool off, fish, hike, and even look up at the stars! As part of Allegheny County’s commitment to refresh local parks, the playground at Deer Lakes received a much needed upgrade. Conveniently, it’s just around the corner from one of our Playworld representative offices!

Mindful of budget and the existing layout, we worked closely with the parks director and landscape architect to design a nature-inspired space that would keep kids entertained and challenged for hours. A natural color scheme with faux wood and rock materials and rope elements allows the play structures to blend in seamlessly with the surroundings.

The focal point of the playground is Branch Out—a challenging component that looks and plays like a tree, but connects to traditional activities like slides and steel climbers. A faux-boulder and net area off to the side works with the natural layout and contours of the land, while providing a range of climbing challenges for kids at every level. Without needing to create a custom net structure, we were able to use our standard Listo product and install it on the small incline to create a hill-climbing adventure. A separate, age-appropriate play structure for kids 2-5 carries the same natural aesthetic, but provides easier challenges and sensory activities. And of course, no play space is complete without an area for swinging; standard swings, accessible swings, and our Hoopla Swing offer a solitary or collaborative motion experience.

Although already a favorite family park, the feedback from the playground improvements has been overwhelming. One parent remarks that the new equipment encourages kids to continue exploring, and that even older children enjoy the challenging new activities. From the new play space and the nearby splash pad to all the natural amenities, Deer Lakes Park is the perfect “day-cation” getaway.