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Daycare is an essential childcare option for many parents and guardians. At Playworld, we know one of the most important things for children to do is play. Structured play stimulates children's imagination, keeps them moving and helps their development. If you're looking for new ways to incorporate play at your daycare center, a playground is a great option. There are many benefits to using daycare outdoor playground equipment, and Playworld has plenty of options to help you find the equipment that will work best for your center.

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Our Daycare Playground Equipment 


We have a large variety of childcare playground equipment for sale. From entire playground sets, to the missing element in your playground, you can complete your daycare playground with help from Playworld. 

Benefits of Playground Equipment for Daycare Centers


Commercial daycare playground equipment can be a great addition for several reasons:

  • Attracts new clientele: When prospective clients come to check out your daycare center, features such as a playground play a big role in the decision-making process. Parents and guardians want to see safe and engaging spaces for their children to play, and a new playground is a major attraction. At Playworld, we are constantly innovating to create playground structures that will withstand the test of kids, time and weather. And if you have a specific design or theme in mind, we can make many customizations to create the exact look you want.
  • Stimulating play for kids: We know an important part of a child's day at daycare is getting some playtime in. Our outdoor playground equipment for daycares is more than just slides and swings. We work with experts and design everything with child development in mind. Our aim is to create structures that will engage children mentally and physically.
  • Something for everyone: Daycare centers typically offer care for children who are a range of ages, and we have structures perfect for all stages of development. We also make sure our playground equipment creates an inclusive environment, so children with different abilities and comfort levels can all enjoy time on the playground.

With stimulating playtime that works for everyone, daycare play structures are sure to give your daycare center an edge over the competition.

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Types of Daycare Playground Equipment

Children's needs can be quite varied depending on their ages and abilities. That's why Playworld offers a wide variety of play equipment for all ages.

  • Early childhood playgrounds: We have playground equipment for ages 2-5. We've worked with child development experts to determine how best to accommodate the toddler age group. We know the toddler stage is formative for sensory, motor and emotional skills, and our different play structures reflect that. We make sure our playground sets are stimulating without being too complex, and we use bright colors and designs this age group will love.
  • School-age playgrounds: Perfect for ages 5-12, we have play equipment designed for the needs of school-age children, who are further along in their development and require more activity. Our structures stimulate their minds, help them burn calories and interact with each other in ways that foster communication and teamwork skills.
  • Fitness and wellness play: With childhood obesity in America continually on the rise, we know the importance of incorporating fitness into a child's daily routine. That's why we've developed fitness equipment all ages can use. From stretching stations to push-up and balance stations, we have a variety of options to incorporate dedicated physical fitness structures on your playground.
  • Electronic play: We understand the major role technology plays in children's lives, so we combined electronic features with some of our play structures and games to create the best of both worlds. Kids can use this equipment to get exercise while also enjoying a video game-like experience.

Whatever your daycare center needs may be, we have the equipment for all types of activities and ages. You can also use multiple types of playground equipment for the same playground to accommodate more people. For example, if you want to combine school-age structures with early childhood structures and also include some fitness products, we can easily customize the playground design to make that happen.

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Our Safety Focus

We know safety is an extremely important focus of daycare centers. With a large number of kids in your care, you want to make sure you introduce safe equipment to your center. At Playworld, we take many measures to ensure our commercial daycare playground equipment is as safe as possible, including:

  • Certifications and standards: We are proud to be ISO certified in safety, and our equipment meets the standards of numerous safety organizations. We are also the first playground manufacturer to receive Cradle to Cradle certification for safety and sustainability.
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship: We are committed to using only the highest quality materials and having expert craftsmanship to construct our products and structures. We use materials such as shatterproof plastics and heavy-duty steel platforms to make sure everything is as sturdy as possible. When you use our building team, you can trust they are highly skilled and knowledgeable about all necessary safety standards and precautions.
  • Sustainability: Our goal is to make sure we're using sustainable materials and methods that will stand the test of time. We believe in and follow green initiatives so you can rest-assured children will not be exposed to any dangerous materials when they play on our play structures. In fact, we have even taken the initiative to remove all PVC from our products, so they're safe for children and good for the planet.

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Playworld has everything you need for daycare playground equipment. Browse our products to get a strong sense of what we have to offer. And if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, contact us with your questions and our representatives will help you. We offer many customization options to meet the needs of your specific daycare center.

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