Tech on the playground

NEOS 360 at Consumer Electronics Show.The ever popular Consumer Electronics Show, otherwise known as CES, is taking place this week in Las Vegas.

With that in mind, we’re giving a nod to technology on the playground.

With the growing popularity of video games and almost every kid having their own cell phone or tablet, there’s an increased struggle to get children actively engaged outside and on the playground. At Playworld Systems, we’re continuously experimenting with ways to catch children’s attention, to encourage physical activity while still appealing to kids’ craving for sounds, lights and excitement.

We took our popular NEOS 360 to CES last year and people loved it! NEOS brings a heart pumping interactive game to the playground that gets children of all ages and abilities active. With digital lights, sounds and a healthy dose of lighthearted competition, NEOS combines electronic gaming with old-fashioned playground fun. And it’s not just for children – CES attendees had a blast challenging each other to see who could hit the most blinking lights.

While the plugs might all be inside, technology can be used outside to create relevant and fun family-friendly experiences on the playground. By incorporating tech into outdoor play products like NEOS, we can help reignite outdoor unstructured free play.

The CES show reminds us every year that technology has the power to innovate and inspire. We look forward to what’s next in 21st Century tech-charged playgrounds.

How do you want to see technology incorporated into the playground?

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