Recess at Playworld Systems

Recess is a great time for everyone, not just children, to get outside and play. A few days ago Playworld Systems’ employees, their families, and retirees had the opportunity to take a break and enjoy a variety of activities during the company’s afternoon recess and barbeque.neos360

The fun included coworkers challenging each other during a pedestal jousting competition, bungee run, Hooley ball, volleyball, basketball, sumo wrestling, pit stop challenge, tug-of-war, and bocce. Some employees worked up their appetites while on the walking trail and others took their bikes for a ride on the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail, a railroad right of way recently opened as a walking and biking path. Workers who played NEOS 360, which was set up on the front lawn of the company’s headquarters, put their fitness and coordination skills to the test.

As an organization focused joust1on the importance of play, it’s critical that we practice what we preach. We manufacturer products that are meant to get people of all ages and abilities outdoors and active.  The recess and barbeque is one of the many things we do to encourage physical fitness among the Playworld Systems family.

Taking time away from the factory floor, cubicles and corner offices is crucial to our mission, as is encouraging employees to lead active, healthy lifestyles.