Re-Introducing Sky Towers®: The Inclusive Tower!

Imaginative, innovative, and unforgettable, Sky Towers® evoke the exciting sensation of climbing through the sky and being one with nature.

Originally introduced in 1997, Sky Towers have been reinvented to give more children an opportunity to experience the world from a bird’s-eye view. With new, inclusive features, re-invented Sky Towers are towers of fun for everyone.

Mara Kaplan is an educator, an advocate for inclusive play, and a parent of a child with a disability. Her firm, Let Kids Play!, designs accessible playgrounds, reviews and recommends toys for children with disabilities, and conducts universal design assessments. Mara recently reviewed Sky Towers from an inclusive play standpoint. Here are her remarks.

Sky Towers are the closest we can get to a completely accessible high climber without adding an elevator.

  • The play routes throughout Sky Towers are designed to provide children with varying levels of challenge.
  • There are places to stop and play along the way to enable children not interested or not able to climb all the up to still feel that they’re in the Tower and have things to play with.
  • The accessible stairs enable an adult to climb up and assist a child.
  • The ground-level play was planned as intentionally as the high-in-the-sky play.
  • There are reasons to stay on the ground and play, which means that a person in a wheelchair or otherwise unable to climb won’t be segregated.
  • There are also ways for people on the ground to affect the play experience of people up above.

I would rate this as a “Coolest Thing” on the playground that’s accessible to all.

Learn more about Sky Towers here:

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