Playgrounds are for learning

It is no secret playgrounds are great spots for families and children to play. Everyone knows kids like to climb and run. But because children also like to explore, imagine and create, playgrounds are also ideal places for learning.

During school, kids need a break, but who says learning has to stop when recess begins?

At Playworld Systems, we understand how play benefits every aspect of a child’s wellness and development. Many of today’s playgrounds feature creative, cutting-edge products that challenge kids’ bodies, engage their minds, and free their imaginations.

For example, Playworld Systems’ Alpha Pod, designed for younger children (2 – 5 years), provides opportunities for parallel play, as well as group and solitary play. Educational panels help children identify shapes and colors. It also encourages role-playing, socialization and creative, imaginative play.

The company’s Beta Pod, designed for children ages 2 – 12, provides an intriguing, multi-Playworld Lewisburg 6.22.2010sensory themed play area. A fossilized T-Rex “skeleton” from Playworld Systems’ Origin line encourages children to imagine themselves as archaeologists, while NEOS 360 promotes competition and teamwork by combining video game speed with aerobic activity for users of all ages and abilities.

Does your school playground promote learning? Here are a few questions to help guide you:

  • Do children play on, under and around the play structure?
  • Do they invent play scenarios that reach way beyond the scope of the structure’s initial design?
  • Are there age- appropriate learning panels incorporated into the playground (i.e. play panels with shapes, numbers, letters, etc.)?
  • Does the equipment provide an opportunity to teach children something new (i.e. equipment that uses gravity, motion, etc.)?
  • Are quiet spaces readily available?
  • Are there opportunities for hands-on manipulation and discovery?


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