Play is not a four letter word

Author: Greg Harrison

Play is at the center of everything we do here at Playworld. It’s incorporated into our thoughts, decisions, actions, and creations. We’re constantly making changes.

Singapore Playform 7 - Playworld

Four trends for parks & playgrounds in 2017… and beyond

As the new year approaches, you’ll undoubtedly see many lists of projected 2017 trends, from colors and clothing to cars and technology.

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Blog Posts

What kids get from play that they can’t get from their classroom

Why do we send our kids to school? It’s not a trick question. The answer is obvious: “To learn”. What’s much less transparent, however, is what exactly that means. What knowledge, skills, understanding and memories are our children going to carry into their adult lives? Certainly – and particularly in grammar school – learning to read, write and understand mathematics is important, as are… Read More >

Urban play: designing playgrounds for cities

Play is vital for everyone but unfortunately in some communities, play spaces are harder to come by. Lack of age appropriate playgrounds and cramped urban areas are partly to blame. While cities are filled with opportunities for endless entertainment, like museums and theaters, they are often sparse when it comes to parks and playgrounds. In fact, children living in urban areas tend to face… Read More >

Play, preschool and academics

Three decades ago, 40 percent of a typical preschool day was devoted to child-initiated play. Today, this number has fallen dramatically. Over the years, play has become second fiddle to early academic preparation. But are we actually helping children succeed academically and socially by reducing the amount of play in their day? Recent research shows that preschool children who engage in various forms of… Read More >