Play is not a four letter word

Author: Greg Harrison

Play is at the center of everything we do here at Playworld. It’s incorporated into our thoughts, decisions, actions, and creations. We’re constantly making changes.

Singapore Playform 7 - Playworld

Four trends for parks & playgrounds in 2017… and beyond

As the new year approaches, you’ll undoubtedly see many lists of projected 2017 trends, from colors and clothing to cars and technology.

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Blog Posts

Pokémon Go

Being an advocate for outdoor, unstructured play, I was skeptical at first when my teenage sons started raving about the new mobile app game Pokémon Go. Here I thought it was another video game that would have them glued to the couch. But after a long, active weekend spent outdoors with my kids, I was sold. Pokémon Go had us playing, walking and running… Read More >

Finalists announced in KaBOOM!’s Play Everywhere Challenge

In May we told you about KaBOOM!’s Play Everywhere Challenge (PEC), a national competition that will award innovative, replicable ideas in city redevelopment and design that make play easy, available and fun for kids and families. Playworld is collaborating with KaBOOM! on the PEC because we believe all children need play to grow up healthy, resilient and ready for life. Too many children miss… Read More >

Sustainability: embracing the new eco-system in the housing industry

Going green isn’t just good for the environment; it also is good for business, as many residents are interested in living in a community that upholds environmentally sound practices. Decades ago, such suggestions were few and far between, but today it’s the norm for residents to be concerned about the sustainability efforts behind the buildings they call home. Communities are learning that there is… Read More >