News Year’s resolution 2015: more playtime

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and there’s still time to make your resolution for 2015. If you haven’t made one yet, we have a fun suggestion that veers away from the typical resolutions – resolving to make more time for play!

2015 News Year's resolution - more playtimeIn January, it’s popular for people to make a conscious effort to infuse more health and happiness into their lifestyles for the upcoming year. A common thought for adults resolving to lead a healthier life is to buy a membership to the nearest fitness center. While the gym is a great place to start, we believe that your local playground is another destination that can help individuals of all ages and abilities lead healthier more active lives.

Here are some reasons why unstructured free play on the playground is the best way to have a happy and healthy 2015:

1. Quality time: At the playground, you can get healthy with the whole family

2. Mental health: Unstructured free play is just as good for the mind as it is for your body. Play is an important part of children’s mental development, and a crucial break from stress for ALL ages

3. Inspiring backdrop: What better way to encourage healthiness and happiness than playing in the fresh air and sunshine?

4. Sky’s the limit: At a playground, there is no instructor telling you what move to do next or how fast you should be running. You’re free to move at your own pace and let your imagination run wild

5. Comparison-free: A successful day at the playground is only judged by how much fun was had. Plus, a post-playtime selfie with your kids beats a post-gym selfie any day

6. Cost-effective: Visiting your local playground spreads joy and invigorates your well-being without breaking the bank

Making more time to play in 2015 is an easy way to lead a happier, healthier life. Leave more time in your schedule to take your children, nieces, nephews and even your neighbor’s kids outside for some unstructured free play. The benefits of play will transcend into other parts of your life, giving you the momentum you need to make 2015 the best year yet.

How are you going to play more in 2015?

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