Keeping the playground entertaining

Playgrounds and outdoor play equipment can provide children with fun, fresh air and exercise all year round, but how can you keep the playground exciting during repeat visits throughout the summer?

Transform the playground

Encourage children to use their imagination. One day the playground equipment can morph into a pirate ship and the surfacing becomes the sea. Where will your children find the buried treasure? Who will walk the plank? Encourage children to decide where they’ll go and what they’ll see.

Could a climber become a tree house or a rocket ship?

How about motivating your children to play while pretending they are characters from their favorite book or TV show? How would Dora explore the playground?

Thinking about the playground differently not only helps keep visits fresh and exciting, but imaginative role-play is critical to children’s healthy development. During pretend play, children explore a variety of experiences and skills.

Make it a game

  • How many different shapes can children pick out on the playground?
  • Use the alphabet and see how many items kids can name around the playground beginning with the letter “A”, “B”, “C” and so on
  • As they swing, ask children to think of how many words that begin with the letter “S”

How do you keep trips to the playground stimulating?





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