Inclusive play product focus: Triumph Climber

Designing an inclusive playground can be a significant challenge.  A great playground is one that offers children of all abilities the chance to test their motor skills.  Accessible playgrounds tend to only offer children who are working on the simplest skills the ability to practice.  Children who have more advanced motor skills are often bored.
Designers try to address this issue by adding challenging activities  separate from the easier ones; triumph-climberin effect, creating an area for children with motor disabilities and an area for children without motor disabilities.  While this may create an accessible playground where all children are engaged, it does not create an inclusive playground.  A truly inclusive playground allows  all children to play together while at the same time enabling individual children to play at their  developmental level.
Playworld Systems’ new Triumph Climber breaks the mold.  Unlike any other climber, it offers three levels of challenge in one piece of playground equipment.  As the challenges increase in difficulty it requires a child to use more motor planning skills. Motor planning is the ability to perform a new or skilled motor task.  One of the best ways for a child to learn a new motor skill is to imitate someone. The Triumph Climber is an ideal place for this type of learning to take place.


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