How to Build a Playground in 10 Easy Steps

It’s exciting learning to do something you know you’ll do again and again … like cooking a favorite meal or wakeboarding … but how often will you build a playground?  For some, it may be a regular occurrence—something that you do as part of your job.  For most others, such as members of the PTA, it’s a once in a lifetime situation that may seem exciting, yet daunting.

Building a playground should be as much fun as playing on it. Playworld can help.

To get you started, we offer the following suggested steps to take you from point A to point play!

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1. Form a committee

Make new and influential friends and share responsibilities. Invite people who bring skills your project will need like organization, fundraising, public relations, child development, construction and maintenance.

2. Ask questions

You’ll need to know some information before making any hard and fast decisions about your playground. It’s key to learn about the children, parents and caregivers you anticipate coming to your playground, what type of play and what kinds of equipment should be available.

3. Seek feedback from your community

What do they want? Check out other playgrounds to see what’s popular. Ask kids to design their ideal playground.

4. Create a destination

Remember that the space may not only be just for play equipment, but also site amenities, parking and more.

5. Consult a playground specialist

They can make recommendations and answer any questions you have.

6. Adding it up

Consider all costs (including shipping, installation, surfacing, etc.), set your budget, and start fundraising! When talking with your specialist or consultant, be sure to get an idea of all financial considerations so you can plan accordingly.

7. Select a playground equipment manufacturer

Examine reputation, local representation, warranty information and customer service prior to purchasing.

8. Set your date

Begin at your anticipated grand opening date and work backwards to ensure that the target will be met by setting up smaller project deadlines. As with any project, allow extra time for the unexpected.

9. Installation

You can either use a contractor, or for a more rewarding and less expensive option, use volunteers and host a community build.


This is it … what you’ve waited for to share with your community. Now you can get in on all the action and fun and enjoy what you’ve created.

For more information about planning and building a playground for your school or community, download our Playground 101 resource guide or contact your local Playworld representative today.

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