The coolest thing on the playground: Cruise Line

Cruise Line gets children of all ages and abilities playing together. This unique ride gives kids the thrill of something exciting and new with perceived risk and speed.

There are many different ways for riders to position themselves on this newest type of swing – one that supports and challenges every child.  Users can stand up, lie down, or sit back-to-back, to name a few.  All of this means that children with and without disabilities can play together.

cruise line

As the following video demonstrates, in order to play on Cruise Line children need to work together.  This is the essence of cooperative play—an essential skill that children need to develop in order to become adults in a modern work force.

One of the main concepts in the Inclusive Play Design Guide is that there should be one piece of equipment that is going to attract all of the children and should be accessible to everyone.  We call this the “Coolest Thing” concept.  As you will see, Cruise Line certainly qualifies as the “Coolest Thing” because of its careful and thoughtful design.



What’s the coolest thing on your local playground? How would you use Cruise Line?

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