5 Ways to Enhance Your Commercial Property’s Curb Appeal

5 Ways To Enhance Your Property's Curb Appeal

When guests and clients see your commercial property, you want them to feel welcomed. Your building should reflect your business and make the best first impression possible. The best way to portray how trustworthy you are and invite customers to come on in is to increase your curb appeal.

You may take a walk around your property and have no idea where to begin with your curb appeal design. But with the five ways to enhance your commercial property’s curb appeal below, you’ll see your options for transforming your business. Get ready to wow your customers with these creative curb appeal options.

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1. Keep Your Building in Top Shape

Over time, any building is going to need some maintenance. Peeling paint, cracked bricks and other small cosmetic issues can add up across your building’s facade. As those cosmetic problems pile up, you will have more issues to deal with, and visitors will be more likely to notice the lack of attention around your property.

Regular maintenance and upkeep of your building can help stop minor issues before they pile up. Conduct regular checks a few times a year or after severe weather, and make a note of what needs maintenance. As you inspect your building’s exterior, take a look at the following.

  • The roof, from gutters to shingles. Do you need to clean or repair anything?
  • Windows and exterior frames, checking if you need to clean or replace the glass or repaint the frames.
  • Stone or brickwork and the mortar. Look to see whether you need to patch the mortar or replace bricks.
  • Siding, checking for missing or broken pieces.

Minor damage on small components of your facade will be an easy fix, but if you have plenty of damage, you may need more significant replacements. If you plan to renovate the exterior of your building with some curb appeal construction, switch to vinyl or steel exteriors that look great and are easier to clean.

Trees, Flowers, Plants And Bushes Add Texture To Outdoor Spaces

2. Improve Your Landscaping

As guests and clients approach your property, they will note two things about your curb appeal design. First, they will notice your building, but then they will see the landscaping — or lack thereof. The natural areas around your building, no matter how small, show guests that you put attention not only into the work you do, but also into your property.

A well-maintained lawn goes a long way to improving the look of your property, but creative curb appeal incorporates something more. So mow any grass you have, and be sure to add other natural elements. Trees, flowers, plants and bushes can all add dimension and texture to the outdoor spaces of your property. If you are not sure where to use these elements, consider adding landscaping to these areas.

  • Line pathways: Welcome your guests in with a path lined with colorful flowers or lush greenery. Landscaping will define walkways for visitors and add beauty to their walk inside your building.
  • Create shade: Taller trees and bushes can provide energy-saving shade for your windows. As a bonus, you and your guests or clients get a bit of privacy inside.
  • Fill empty corners: Whether your property is on a small or expansive lot, you may have some gaps around your building, sidewalks and pathways. Fill those areas with anything from short and slender trees to an artistic arrangement of flowers and greenery.

Nature provides a relaxing escape for many, which may be just what your property needs. Even if you do not intend for visitors to spend much time outside, they will appreciate the effort you put into maintaining your property’s landscaping.

3. Maintain Parking and Walkway Areas

Once your guests take in your well-maintained building and landscaping, they will head to your parking lot and walk toward your business. Don’t ruin the great impression you made with your property by having damaged or disheveled parking and pathway areas. When you maintain your building’s facade, put equal effort into your parking lot and walkway with these measures.

  • Check your parking lot and walkways for cracks or damage.
  • Regularly clean parking lots and pathways, pressure washing if appropriate for the material.
  • Reseal your parking lot every couple of years or as needed.
  • Replace or repair cracks and chips in your walkways.
  • Enhance these spaces with decorative elements that complement the style of your building.

Maintaining the look of your parking and pathways can also help keep those areas safe. Severe cracks and damage can present tripping hazards for some, and that is not the impression you want to make on customers. Increase curb appeal and protect your customers and their vehicles with attention to these areas.

4. Make a Welcoming Entryway

Your parking lot and walkways will usher customers to your building, and your entryway will be what welcomes them inside. Make your building feel welcoming with an impressive entryway design that guides visitors inside.

If you feel your entryway is lackluster, you may need some curb appeal construction to create a larger or more impactful and welcoming entryway. As you redesign your entrance or make small changes to enhance curb appeal, you could add:

  • Adequate lighting
  • A large or brightly colored doorway
  • Shade and cover from inclement weather
  • Benches for customers who prefer to wait outside
  • Windows that allow customers to see inside and let in natural light

A welcoming entryway is essential for any property, but it is especially useful for apartment curb appeal. Visitors could become residents, and an entrance will invite them inside their potential home. Potential residents will value cover from inclement weather and exterior lighting when they return home at night, but those will be functional features regardless of the nature of your business.

Installing Or Enhancing A Playground Shows Visitors You Want Them To Enjoy Their Visit

5. Add a Playground

Incorporate more function into your curb appeal with the creative solution of a playground. Installing or enhancing a playground shows visitors you want them to enjoy their visit. A playground can especially boost apartment curb appeal if you wish to appeal to families. For playground inspiration that improves your curb appeal, browse past projects by Playworld. There, you will see ideas for playgrounds that have the following qualities.

  • Small, yet sleek: The playground design at Winters Run Apartments makes ample use of a small space. Make your playground stand out with a dark-loose fill surfacing under the equipment. Include fun playground equipment that is a bit on the shorter side, so it does not overwhelm the small space or your building.
  • Functional for children and parents: The Rushton Meadows Park project features shade with seating for parents to relax as their children play on a wide array of playground equipment. If you have a smaller space on your property, consider making a multi-use space with a pavilion, seating and tables by a playground.
  • Geared toward children: If your business caters to families, you should have an inviting playground like the Children’s Ministry project. Tall equipment invites children into adventure. You may even want separate play areas, one featuring early childhood equipment and one with school-age products.

Whether you add to or enhance a playground on your property, be sure to use the best-quality equipment. You’ll create a space that enhances your curb appeal and makes visitors feel safe as their children play.

Increase Curb Appeal With Playground Equipment and More From Playworld

At Playworld, we have optimized our playground equipment to suit children of all ages and abilities. From pre-configured playgrounds to equipment, components and accessories, we have what you need to increase your commercial property’s curb appeal and invite families to your space. With a variety of designs from fun and colorful to neutral and natural, you’ll find the perfect complement to your property.

Contact Playworld today to request a quote and see how our products can enhance your property’s curb appeal!

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