How we make the Spring Mates Duck

Last week the world got a glimpse into the manufacturing process and quality craftsmanship of Playworld Systems when the company was featured on the Science Channel’s program “How It’s Made.” This was the first time the program focused on playground equipment.

Originally airing on May 9, 2013, the episode chronicled the making of Playworld Systems’ Spring Mates Duck. From aluminum sand casting to the oven-baked coating and airbrushed painting, viewers were taken behind the scenes to see the production of one of Playworld Systems’ popular motion play products.

The spring rider has withstood the test of time. Playworld Systems’ CEO, Matthew Miller, enjoyed the product as a young boy. In fact, there is a picture of him riding the product in the company’s conference room.  Matt’s youngest son now enjoys the timeless playground favorite and is featured riding the duck at the end of the “How It’s Made” segment.