Discover the Data Behind Play

Biba lets you see what’s happening on your playground day by day, harnessing the power of digital interaction to gather valuable analytics and help playground owners make ROI-driven decisions.

About Biba

Biba is a free-to-play suite of mobile games for Apple and Android devices that encourages families to engage together in active, outdoor play. Special Biba gameplay markers transform ordinary play structures into “smart” playgrounds. These play stations let users access new content and go on tailored, real-world adventures on their playground.

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The Analytics Advantage

As families play on a Biba smart playground, detailed data and insights are captured. That data is then transformed into reports and insights that can help playground owners and operators make better choices and smarter funding decisions. From peak play hours and factors such as weather to user demographics, Biba collects it all.

Track Playground Traffic

The data gathered by Biba can be filtered by user demographics such as gender, age, and region! This can help you focus improvements and programming to better meet the needs of your community.

How do you measure up?

Biba has been installed on more than 1000 playgrounds across North America! You can tap into this real-time data, and see how your stats compare to that of other communities.