Playground Equipment for Apartment Complexes

When people look at units in apartment complexes to rent or buy, they are looking for a sense of community in addition to a nice apartment. The look and feel of the complex as a whole can influence a buyer or renter's decision about choosing your apartment complex. While many factors come into play in the decision-making process, certain amenities go a long way in increasing the value and appeal of the complex. An apartment complex playground is one feature in particular that will allow you to create a family-friendly environment and potentially entice people to choose your apartment complex over another.

At Playworld, we offer a variety of apartment playground equipment for all ages, from traditional structures to custom-designed systems and features.

Early Childhood Playgrounds

A great playground option for children under 5 years of age is an early childhood playground that will appeal to young families. Here are some of our unique features:

  • Perfect for development: At the infant and toddler age, children are still discovering a lot about the world and developing cognitive skills. We design our play equipment with that in mind, making sure the structures are engaging but not overly complex. We often use bright colors and animal designs for this age group, but we are always willing to make customizations, so the equipment fits your apartment complex.
  • Safety: Toddlers are physically more fragile than older children, so safe equipment is our top priority. At Playworld, we have several safety certifications, and we exceed the safety standards of numerous organizations.
  • Flexibility: Choose from our complete playground sets or individual components and structures to create a playground that works for your space and budget. We can customize your apartment playground equipment to meet your needs.

Having a playground system designed specifically with toddlers in mind could be a big selling point to buyers, as it is not your average playground. This gives you another layer of value over most apartment complexes.

School-Age Apartment Playgrounds

School-age playgrounds are perfect for children ages 5-12. Some features that make a school-age playground perfect for apartment complexes include:

  • Inclusive environment: School-age children include a wide range of ages, which means children at different development stages will use the same playground, often at the same time. We have worked with childhood development experts to create playgrounds that will meet the needs of children with a variety of physical and cognitive capabilities. Our playgrounds create an inclusive environment with something for everyone. They also foster teamwork and social skills.
  • Convenience: Children at this age are generally more active, so an on-site playground will appeal to parents and caregivers who are looking for a convenient option to keep their children busy. With families' hectic schedules, they'll feel relieved to know a high-quality play option is just footsteps away.

Parents and guardians will love having a convenient place to take their kids to play, and kids will get out their energy in a fun and safe environment designed with their needs in mind.

Fitness and Wellness Equipment

At Playworld, we also offer fitness and wellness equipment perfect for ages 9 and up. Some beneficial features of our equipment include:

  • Variety: From stretching centers to workout stations, these fitness structures are a great addition to any playground. You can choose a whole fitness center or just a few different pieces to complement the playground area.
  • Adult appeal: Our fitness equipment is great for adults too. And potential tenants will see fitness options right in the complex as an appealing addition. We've worked with fitness experts to make sure our equipment offers an excellent workout and is safe for adults, seniors and older children.

Electronic Play Equipment

Technology is an important part of kids' lives today, especially as a form of play. That's why we've designed play equipment that incorporates video game-like elements with physical activity to create the best of both worlds. The benefits include:

  • All-ages fun: Our electronic play equipment is another option that is great for a variety of age groups and abilities.
  • Unique feature: This kind of integrated electronic-playground design is not often found on most playgrounds, and kids and adults alike are sure to love it. The electronic play elements will entice prospective tenants, too.

Site Furnishings for Your Apartment Complex Playground

Playworld also offers site furnishings to complete the playground and give adults a chance to relax. These furnishings include:

  • Benches: We have all kinds of options that are perfect for adults to sit and watch their children play.
  • Picnic tables: Incorporating picnic tables is a great way for families and neighbors to come together and socialize at the apartment complex.
  • Accessories: Playworld can provide accessory items such as grills, bike racks, trash receptacles and more to make sure the playground area provides everything your tenants may need.

Contact Playworld Today About Playground Equipment for Your Apartment Complex

If you are considering playground equipment for your apartment complex, Playworld has everything you need. We are happy to customize the design and theme to your preferences, or you can choose preconfigured structures. You can also mix and match different equipment types, so your playground has something for everyone.

At Playworld, we understand budget is a big factor, and we offer financing options and other resources to help make the cost affordable. We have options for you to pay in stages or lease the equipment, and we have partnerships with different organizations that can help you raise funds and awareness for your project.

A brand new, state-of-the-art playground could be the difference-maker that gives your apartment complex the edge of the competition.

If you have questions or want more information, contact us today. You can also request a quote to get more specifics on what you're looking for and start building a plan for your budget. We look forward to helping you through the process of creating the perfect playground for your apartment complex!

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