Equipment for Accessible Playgrounds

The Benefits of Play Are Important for All Children at Any Developmental Stage or Ability Level. At Playworld, we create playground equipment that is inclusive, wheelchair- and handicap-accessible, and meets ADA standards.

We believe in “play richness,” which means that our playground equipment is designed to help children and adults with special needs develop their motor skills, physical strength, social skills and more. We follow a specific design guide created by playground and child development experts to help us determine the right planning, layouts, and equipment to achieve play richness.

We have a variety of special needs play equipment for all ages, and we make sure our playgrounds have features that are engaging and accessible for all abilities.

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ADA Accessible Playground Equipment

All playground manufacturers must adhere to the standards outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). At Playworld, we exceed these standards by providing high-quality, inclusive play environments.

We design our equipment so that children with different mobility, intellectual, and emotional needs can easily use and benefit from it. Whether the inclusive and accessible playground is for a school, church, apartment complex, or park, we create our equipment to have something for everyone. We are always willing to make customizations to ensure we provide exactly what you need.

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Wheelchair-Accessible Playground Equipment

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We offer a wide range of inclusive playground equipment. Our accessible playground equipment has numerous benefits, including:


We understand the importance of kids having enough space to play, and we design our playgrounds to facilitate the flow of movement. We make sure all pathways and features are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and other medical assistance devices so everyone can easily navigate the playground and move freely.

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Something for everyone:

Our acessible play equipment is designed so that children at any development level and with any capabilities can enjoy the equipment together. We design everything with developmentally appropriate mental and physical challenges to help advance motor skills, develop balance and coordination and build muscle tone.

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Opportunities for social growth:

Our play equipment is designed to help develop social and emotional skills. We include quiet spaces where kids can go when they need a break, which can help lessen any anxiety. Our playgrounds create an atmosphere of cooperation and camaraderie, which helps minimize stress and maximize a child’s confidence.

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Unique features:

At Playworld, we are constantly innovating to create unique and meaningful play features. Our electronic playground equipment is one-of-a-kind, combining a video game-like experience with exercise in the outdoors that kids of all abilities love. We also have fitness equipment that can accommodate all ages and abilities.

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Sturdy materials:

We use only the highest quality materials to create our play equipment, and we make all our surfaces highly durable for easy navigation for wheelchairs. We use shatterproof plastics and steel platforms among other safe materials. We also have several safety certifications. You can rest assured that your children are using safe play equipment.

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Resources for Funding Accessible Playgrounds

Purchasing inclusive playground equipment is an important investment. Our goal is to provide as many kids as possible with access to meaningful, developmentally appropriate play. That’s why we offer payment options and tips, such as:

  • Grant funding: Grants can be a great funding option for your special needs playground equipment. Grants are offered through a variety of organizations such as your local and state governments, foundations, non-profits, and corporations.
  • Fundraising: Fundraising efforts are always a strong option to consider. From bake sales and car washes to auctions and more, there are many opportunities to get your community involved and raise money for a shared cause.
  • Financing: We offer financing options to help you find the right payment plan for your budget. Our phasing program allows you to pay as different stages of the build are completed. We also have a leasing program in which we work together to set up a payment schedule that works for your organization.

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Playworld can help you create the perfect inclusive playground with special needs, handicap, and wheelchair-accessible equipment. Contact us today to find out more about how we can work together, or request a quote for more details. We have been a leading playground manufacturer for over 40 years, and we work with all kinds of organizations, from schools and parks to apartment complexes and more.

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